Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Faculty of Education
 School of Primary Education

Master’s Degree Programme Proclamation for the Academic Year 2013-2014

The Master’s Degree Programme Special General Assembly of the School of Primary Education, Aristotle University, based on the Ministerial Decision B7/43/22-10-2001 (Government Gazette 1507, T.B’, 9-11-2001), announces (for the academic year 2013-2014) that it accepts applications for the “Master’s Degree Programme in Education” in the following specialty areas:

• Society, Education, and Pedagody

• Teaching of Language and Literature

• Didactics of Science and Mathematics

Candidates should apply only to one of the three (3) areas and they cannot change area for the duration of the Programme.
The number of admissions was set by the Special General Assembly of the Graduate Studies Programme to a total of 24 students (8 in each area). A Scholarship Foundation holder and a foreign student with a scholarship from Greece were added to the previous number.

In the Programme are accepted:

• Graduate students from the Schools of Primary Education and the Schools of Philosophy and Pedagogy from Greek Universities and equivalent institutes abroad.

• In-service primary school and kindergarten school teachers that have successfully completed a two (2) year training Programme (Didaskalio).

• Graduates from other Schools or equivalent accredited foreign Institutions, after passing the written examinations of our School.

Candidates’ portfolio should include:

• Application in order to participate and be selected

• Extensive resume with information on their educational background, research activities, professional and other activities associated with the specialty area of the Master’s Degree Programme chosen, scientific work, foreign languages, and every information that will enhance the candidate’s participation.

• Certified copy of their Degree

• Certified transcripts

• Certificate of accreditation (ΔΟΑΤΑΠ) for Degrees awarded from universities abroad

• Certificate of English language (Proficiency), or French (Dalf or Sorbone), or German (Oberstufe). For foreign candidates, certified knowledge of the Greek language is required.

After the deadline of submissions, the selection process follows, in which the following details will be considered:

• GPA (Grade Point Average)

• Knowledge of foreign languages

• Publications and articles in scientific journals, papers in conferences, books and everything else relevant to the content of the specialty area they have chosen.