Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Faculty of Education
 School of Primary Education

Centre for Inclusive Policy

The Centre was established in September 2008. It focuses mainly on groups of students that encounter obstacles integrating in the educational life of the School. That means the Centre is trying to ensure that all students have access to knowledge, to build support mechanisms for students, and in general to promote the dialogue and the exchange of views on issues of discrimination, social prejudice, exclusion, information on psychological issues, etc.

The Centre is aiming at developing and promoting innovative methods, services, and practices, in order to facilitate the inclusion of students who encounter obstacles that concern their University education.

Objectives of the Centre for students facing obstacles to include themselves in the educational life of University:

• To develop support mechanisms

• To ensure equal participation of all students

• To improve the image of the students themselves and the quality of their life

• To participate in inclusion programmes for young people

• To cooperate with similar committees, networks, organizations, institutions, etc. within or outside Greece.

• To work on activities, studies, and issues that “vulnerable” student groups face

• To organize seminars, workshops, conferences, events, announcements, publication of leaflets for the information of these students

All these goals will be pursued by:

• Providing support services on individual level

• Organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, on matters related to the purposes of the interested members

• Publishing papers and articles in journals, speeches, events and activities of the Centre

• Cooperating with its members on matters of scientific interest and with every University or local Authority overseas.

The Centre is located on the second floor of the Tower, in the Library of the Faculty of Education and is open during the hours of the Library.

Contact information of the Centre:
tel. 2310 991295