Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Faculty of Education
 School of Primary Education

Administration Office


Koukounaris Zacharias


Geromichalou Theodoroula, tel. +302310 995060
Patsioudis Sotiris, tel. +302310 995057
Koukousioura Olga, tel. +302310 995028
Tsolakopoulou Chrisoula, tel. +302310 995048


Grigoriadis Nikolaos, tel. +302310 995054


Ziogas Kostas, tel. +302310 991240

The Administration office is located on the second floor of the Faculty of Education Building (the Tower) and is open to students from 12.00 -13.00 every weekday. Students may contact the Administration personnel by phone: 2310 995028, 2310 995056, 2310 995048, 2310 995057, 2310 995060, by fax: 2310 995063 and online at:
The Administration offers:
a. Student status Certificates for insurance companies, funds, organizations, etc. (upon presentation of student ID)
b. Issue of Certificates
Certificates are issued with student’s full details and signed by the Head of the Administration (or the Rector if they are to be used abroad):
Certificates of studies, Certificates for military use, transcripts, grade point average Certificates, graduation Certificates, Degrees (papyrus).
Students are asked to pay 6 euros for the copies of their Degree and Certificates, and 32 euros if they wish to acquire their Degree in papyrus.
c. The issue of informal transcripts is only for senior students, at their request, twice a year, October and March.
d. Student IDs are given upon enrollement. In case of loss, the student is given a new ID only after the publication of its loss in the daily press.
e. Healthcare booklets are issued for students not insured during their studies.