The School of Primary Education has a strong international dimension and supports actively the Erasmus+ programme, offering opportunities to students and staff through the various mobility programmes (Erasmus+ Studies & Traineeships, Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Programme & Erasmus Mundus).

The School has currently active 19 bilateral agreements and participates in the various Erasmus+ international agreements of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh). Further information can be retrieved from the official site of the Department of European Educational Programmes of AUTh.

Studying in our School as part of the ERASMUS+ Programme

Most courses offered by the School of Primary Education are currently taught in the Greek language. However, two courses are taught in English and are only open to Erasmus students: CFES-1, Contemporary Conceptions of Literacy and Literacy Practices, usually offered by a team of Faculty members during winter term and CFES-2, Displacement and Emplacement in Education, usually offered by a team of Faculty members during spring term. Each of these courses is credited with 10 ECTS.

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to take Modern Greek Language lessons while they are in AUTh and obtain ECTS credits for these courses. For information on how to apply, students can contact The School of Modern Greek Language at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

[ or the Erasmus Office ]

As an Erasmus student, it is also possible to study at the School of Primary Education without speaking Greek. In this case, the English language is used for communication through independent study arranged by the tutors of the available courses offered by the School of Primary Education. Before choosing the courses students are warmly advised to contact the relevant faculty members in order to have an in-person description of the course as well as an analysis of its prerequisites.

The approved Learning Agreement stands as a preliminary confirmation from the student’s home University that he/she has English language knowledge up to European Language Framework level B2 or higher. Even if he/she has such a certification, students need to consider whether they can operate adequately in the English language in order to fulfil their academic obligations through the Erasmus+ scheme.

In all cases, students are expected to seek advice from the academic advisor of the sending University regarding accreditation of the chosen courses. The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the School of Primary Education cannot accept responsibility for accreditation of any of its courses by the home University.

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