The Center for Inclusive Policy in the Faculty of Education has been functioning since September 2008. It focuses mainly on groups of students that encounter obstacles integrating in the educational life of the Faculty. Some of its actions are addressed to the entire student population of the Faculty. That is, it seeks to ensure that all students have access to knowledge, develops support mechanisms for students who encounter obstacles and generally promotes dialogue and exchange of views on discrimination, social prejudice, social prejudice, social exclusion, on issues of prevention and health care, reflection on psychosocial issues, etc.


The Center for Inclusive Policy is aiming at developing and promoting innovative methods, services, and practices, in order to facilitate the inclusion of students who encounter obstacles that concern their university education.
More specifically, its major objectives are -but are not limited to- the following:

  1. Developing support mechanisms for students that encounter obstacles to include themselves in the educational life, by creating contemporary multidimensional structures.
  2. Coordinating, networking and promoting the cooperation of structures and bodies to ensure the equal participation of all students in the educational life of the University.
  3. Promoting the dialogue and the exchange of views on issues of discrimination and social prejudice.
  4. Participating in programmes concerning issues of inclusion of young people in the educational life of the University.
  5. Cooperating with similar committees, networks, organizations, institutions, etc. -within or outside Greece- that engage in equality of opportunities in universities.
  6. Dealing with / researching / highlighting issues (educational, social, etc.) that ‘vulnerable’ groups of the student population are facing.
  7. Implementing information actions for students, who encounter obstacles to their inclusion on an individual basis, but also collectively -for all students- in the form of seminars, workshops, conferences, events, announcements and the publication of leaflets, etc.

Contact Details

 Library of the Faculty of Education
 +30 2310 991295

The Center’s opening hours are announced at the beginning of each academic year.