Location & History

The Library is located on the University’s central campus, on the second floor of the Tower building (Faculty of Education).

The Library of the School of Primary Education started as a regional library of Aristotle University in 1984, immediately after the School’s establishment. Since November 2005, after the unification with the library of the School of Early Childhood Education, it has been operating as the Library of the Faculty of Education.


The Library of the Faculty of Education covers a wide variety of disciplines with an emphasis on Education (Early Childhood and Primary) and especially in Social Sciences, Psychology, Education in general and specifically in relation to minorities, gender, people with disability, Language, Science, Mathematics, Children’s Literature, etc..

The library’s collection consists of 35,000 volumes of books that are registered in the list of open source software «Koha» and users have direct access to on-line directory via the terminals that exist in the Library.

Additionally, a long list of periodicals is available, concerning mainly issues of pedagogical interest. These journals are exhibited in special bookstacks in a prominent area of the Library, where nearby there are study desks to facilitate researchers/ readers. Older volumes, in leather-bound volumes, are also available in the library for those interested.

Since 2013, purchasing of new journals has stopped. It is possible, however, to read online journals within campus, or through a VPN connection with the user’s institutional account.

Lending Policy

The Library operates as a lending Library and is meant to serve all members of the academic community of the Aristotle University (teaching staff, researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students), as well as non-university users.

According to the Regulations of the University’s Library System, undergraduate students are allowed to borrow up to 4 books for a period of 15 days, postgraduate and doctoral students are allowed to borrow up to 15 books for a period of 30 days, while faculty members can borrow up to 20 book for a 60 days period. Periodicals, reference material and textbooks taught in the School cannot be borrowed. In case a book has not been requested, there is a renewal option of borrowing.

Issuing a Library Card

Library loan is possible with the academic identity (for members of the academic community) and a lending card (for external users), which is strictly personal and applies to all AUTh libraries. To issue a membership card at the library the following are requested:

  • Police ID
  • Application for a lending card provided by the Library
  • Academic ID (for University members) or a passport-type photo (for external users)

For issuing a card to external members, it is required to present the ID of the person or his / her representative (if it is a collegiate body), a copy of the degree diploma and the payment of an annual subscription, the amount of which is as follows:

  • External users who are professors, lecturers and students of other institutions: 30 € annual use, 20 € semester use. The loan is available for up to 3 books for 15 days.
  • External users not belonging to the above category: 50 € annual use, 30 € six-months use, 20 € three-months use. The loan is available for up to 3 books for 15 days.
  • External members are required to pay the subscription fee in order to renew their card.

Working Hours, Library Staff & Contact Details

The Library is open every working day from 9.00 in the morning until 19.00 in the afternoon.

Nouni Andriani
Technical Support Personnel
+30 2310 991242

Papazoglou Aggeliki
Technical Support Personnel
+30 2310 995047

Lioliou Foteini
Technical Support Personnel
+30 2310 994214