X International Conference on Critical Education
Critical education for social emancipation

Dear colleagues and friends

Due to a decision taken by the authorities of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki concerning the coronavirus outbreak, the X International Conference on Critical Education is postponed indefinitely. There will be new information in due course.

International Organizing Committee Co-Chairs
George Grollios (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
Dave Hill (Anglia Ruskin, Middlesex and National and Kapodistrian Athens Universities)
Kostas Skordoulis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece)



    We are in a state of prolonged economic and social crisis of the world capitalist system. The majority of people of waged labor suffer from job insecurity, poverty and marginalization. Inter-imperialist rivalries are constantly creating hotbeds of tension and war. The destruction of the environment takes on enormous dimensions. In conditions of pervasive insecurity and fear, far-right and nationalist forces are growing vigorously, spreading a propaganda of racism and misanthropy. Education under the pressure of neoliberal reforms is subjected to the conditions of commercialization, competition, technocratic standardization, fragmentation of knowledge, class differentiation of educational institutions and studies.

     Under these circumstances, what could be the purpose of a conference under the title “Critical education for social emancipation”? Starting from the belief that education is not just about transfering knowledge that would enable people to understand their physical and social world, but also about developing multifaceted personalities capable to actively shape and change it, the 10th International Conference on Critical Education aims to serve as a forum for dialogue and reflection for academics, educators, students, and activists from various countries around the world, who are inspired by the ideas of Critical Pedagogy. The aim is to highlight and discuss theoretical traditions, pedagogical ideas, educational practices and social struggle experiences that might be useful in confronting neoliberal policies in education, as well as the bourgeois ideology in schools and society, in connection with the wider social movements and struggles against any form of exploitation and oppression.


     The International Conference on Critical Education (ICCE), previously held in Athens (2011, 2012, 2017), Ankara (2013), Thessaloniki (2014), Wroclaw (2015), London (2016, 2018) and Naples (2019), is a forum for scholars, educators and activists committed to social justice and social emancipation.
The international movement of Critical Education, rejecting the idea that there is no alternative to late capitalism, seeks to elaborate ideas for a school that meets the needs of the working people, in a society of emancipated labor, universal solidarity and comradeship.
The 10th ICCE: “Critical education for social emancipation” will take place in the Faculty of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in June 25-28, 2020.
The languages of the conference are English and Greek.



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