Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Faculty of Education
 School of Primary Education

Papageorgiou Eva

Special Teaching Staff (ΕΕΠ)

Theatrical education for Expression and Communication–Arts in Education


Evangelia Papageorgiou is in the process of completion of her doctoral thesis in the Drama Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (thesis title: The non verbal language of the actor in the theory and practice of directors inspired by the Comedia del Arte actor: the cases of Coppeau, Meyerholdt and Streller). She has been granted a scholarship by the Barcelona Institute of Theatrical Art and UNESCO’s International Institute of Theatrical Research (C.I.R.T.). She concluded her undergraduate studies at the La Sappienza University of Rome and the Fersen Drama School in Rome. She specialized in Commedia Dell Arte Theater and in Theatrical Animation in the Mimoteatromovimento Drama School of Special Performing Arts in Rome. Her research interests focus on the exploitation of non verbal elements of dramatic expression/communication aimed at strengthening of the expressive and communicative skills of school teaching staff and children. Contact information: