Submitting an Abstract:
The deadline to submit your abstract is 15 March 2020. Abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Your abstract submission should include the following:


A. Contact Information

Please fill the following Form! X ICCE.

B. Abstract


Proposal Title

Abstract: Provide a complete and concise description of your proposed session that includes key points of your research/theoretical viewpoint. Your abstract should be limited to 400 words for a single paper, excluding references.

Please email your abstract no later that 15 March 2020 to Aliki Laspidou at





A. Once your proposal is submitted, no revisions or changes can be made. Please review your proposal carefully before submitting online. Authors will be notified about acceptance of their paper by 31 March 2020. Full texts of the accepted papers which are due after the conference will be published in the Conference’s proceedings.


B. Please submit your Abstract by DEADLINE. Presentation titles should be up to 15 words long. Abstracts should be up to 400 words long and will be reviewed by the International Scientific Committee according to each of the following categories:
1) Appropriateness and significance of the topic/issue/problem
2) Research design if an empirical study, including clearly stated questions, data sources, data collection procedures, and analytic approach
3) Conceptual framework if a conceptual study, including integration of topic into current thinking, clear exposition of treatment of topic and contributions to the literature



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